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One Of Japan’s Most Beautiful Secrets: Sakaiminato

Nestled against the Sea of Japan in Tottori prefecture lies the city of Sakaiminato. While this fishing town may be off the typically beaten tourist track, there is much to see and do here that makes it a worthwhile trip for visitors and locals alike. Emma (from the YouTube channel Tokidoki Traveller) introduces us to some of its attractions in her video.

One of the city's local food specialities is crab, and Emma first stops off at the Sakaeya restaurant to give it a try. This traditional restaurant offers a variety of delicious and beautifully presented crab dishes, including crab tendon (crab tempura on rice).

Next up is the Adachi Art Museum, which is running in 2016. It is not accessible to the public and can only be viewed from behind large windows, but this still provides enough opportunity to enjoy the serene atmosphere of the place - with its manicured lawns and trees, it looks like it was taken right out of a picture book.e to one of Japan's most beautiful gardens, which has been honoured by the Journal of Japanese Gardening as Japan's #1 garden for the 13th year.

Sakaiminato is also the hometown of esteemed manga author Mizuki Shigeru, writer of the GeGeGe Kitaro series and a specialist in stories of yokai, traditional Japanese monsters. On Mizuki Shigeru road you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of his stories.

Emma and her friends stayed at the Hotel Nono, which features comfortable rooms, an extensive buffet breakfast including delicacies such as locally grown pears, and an onsen with indoor and outdoor baths - the perfect place to relax after a long day of sightseeing! So whether you are into food, history, nature or pop culture, Sakaiminato truly has something for everyone. Definitely worth pencilling into your next Japan travel itinerary!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.