Neko Atsume is a popular game app developed by Hit-Point. The game achieved a large success of 4 million downloads in just a few months before reaching 10 million downloads and being honored as one of the Top 5 Mobile games in 2015 by GameSpot. Inside this glorious game is a lot of cats, all of them lazing around the yard minding their own business. Whatever they do, it’s cute and adorable. The game doesn’t have an end, and once they visit you in your yard, you're pals for life.

Neko Atsume is known for its simplicity of design and interaction with the owner (gamer). Now, it will turn into a live-action movie. Since there's a cat island and lots of cat cafes in Japan, why not a 90-minute feature of cats in the yard?

The movie is titled "The Neko Atsume Home," and though the trailer only shows a glimpse of the storyline, the movie is about a writer who is forced to move into a new home to save his career. His new abode isn't exactly extraordinary, and the place in fact turns out to be terrorized by cats, which makes him feel more like a pet.

Unfortunately, the film is in Japanese with no English subtitles. But frankly, there's little that needs to be linguistically understood when the movie is dominated by furry cats.

2017 is surely the strongest year in terms of live-action madness. We have A-lists including Ghost in the Shell and Fullmetal Alchemist, both of which have been met with extremely high expectations from anime-manga fans. And now, even smartphone game apps have a chance to be formatted into a live-action movie, which Japan is the first in history to attempt.

The Neko Atsume live-action movie will hit theaters in Japan on April, 17th 2017.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.