It only took two days for a post by Japanese Twitter user @magane4989 about this "too erotic" sweater dubbed the "virgin-slayer" to start a buzz of about 53,000 tweets

The backless sweater has become pretty commonplace in the fashion world, and probably would not cause much of a stir in many countries. Many in Japan regard the excess show of skin in an area not usually shown to be extra-provocative, with many likening it the erotic garments you see in anime and video game culture. It's being called the "virgin-slayer" sweater, presumably because it overpowers the inexperienced with its sexiness.

Originally from China and available on Taobao (although you can find these things anywhere) , the design concept has become a viral talking point on Japanese Twitter, inspiring original fan art, fan art on existing characters, and comparisons to outfits featured in popular anime and manga.

The fashion point targets the back, but it's the reveal of the butt that seems to be capturing fan artist's eyes.

While we doubt many in Japan will be buying, you can check out the Taobao online shop, which has completed 651 transactions in a very short time frame. Several colors are available.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.