You may remember Japanese Twitter user and cat lover @kokonananya, whose feline friends have a habit of adorably wrecking traditional Japanese sliding doors. Two of @kokonananya's kittens, however, have found another household item to show off their innocent cuteness with. @kokonananya bought a heated foot warmer to brave the colder seasons, only to have the kitten duo of Tora and Saba hijack it as a cuddle bed! Needless to say, the cats might be using it better than we humans possibly could.

At least they've learned to share!

When they aren't taking up all the space, that is.

But how on earth could you interrupt these cuddling cuties?

And if your heart isn't warmed by just those scenes, check out these videos of the kitties cuddling and exploring the comfy depths of the foot warmer!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.