We've seen that Nissin Cup Noodle is no stranger to finding adventurous ways to advertise their hallmark instant noodles lineup, and a recent collaborative effort with Square Enix to promote Cup Noodle and the Final Fantasy series together has taken that to an interesting new level. In celebrating the 30th anniversary of the iconic Final Fantasy series, both companies announced a collector's box of Final Fantasy boss-themed Cup Noodles, and a chance to win an Ultima Weapon giant noodle fork.

At 60 centimeters, it makes a normal fork look like a Chocobo brush.

The Ultima Weapon Fork is a limited-edition possible prize for ordering the Final Fantasy Boss Collection of Cup Noodles, which features 15 Cup Noodle cups, each with a memorable boss from the 15 Final Fantasy games.

Here are individual closeups of the boss artwork, although proceed with caution for spoilers if you have not played any of the recent entries in the series.

FF I: Chaos

FF II: Emperor

FF III: Cloud of Darkness

FF IV: Zeromus

FF V: Exdeath

FF VI: Kefka

FF VII: Sephiroth

FF VIII: Ultimecia

FF IX: Trance Kuja

FF X: Seymour Guado

FF XI: Shadow Lord

FF XII: Judge Gabranth

FF XIII: Orphan

FF XIV: Bahamut

FF XV: Ardyn Izunia

The package comes in at a whopping 6,048 yen ($53.50 USD) and has been available for pre-order in Japan since February 1st. In consistency with the games, however, the Ultima Weapon Fork will be difficult to get, as only 30 lucky customers will be rewarded one. But hey, at least you can absolutely show your instant noodles who is boss.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.