There are always two sides to every story, even for Mario whose life looks as simple as his old 8-bit universe. Despite keeping on with his courageous attempts to save Princess Peach, Mario is suddenly confronted with a heartbreaking confession from his damsel in distress — or at least that’s what happens in this sad piano cover of the Super Mario Bros. theme song by YAOG.

A part of YAOG’s original “Will It Sad?” segment, this tragic tale of Mario all begins when Princess Peach utters four words that will forever change his life:

Source: YouTube

Dragged down into the depths of despair, Mario hears not the familiar Super Mario Bros. theme song to accompany him on his journey, but a woeful rendition of it played on the piano in minor key.

While nothing beats the original theme song, we can see ourselves turning to the mournful melodies of this piano cover the next time we need a sad song to lull us out of misery.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.