It was just back in October that the world was captivated by the viral hit PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen), a phenomenon that Japanese people are still trying to understand, but showing no hesitation in turning into commercials and even a cafe. Piko-Taro, the musician alter-ego of the comedian behind the song, owes a great deal of his global success to Justin Bieber, who endorsed PPAP as his” favorite video on the internet” on Twitter. Ever since then, the comedian has praised the pop star repeatedly in interviews as a savior of sorts.

The two are now uniting in a what seems like a destined commercial for Japanese mobile carrier SoftBank. While the commercial has not aired yet, some behind-the-scenes teaser video shows the pop stars finally meeting up in a story setting of a Japanese classroom (the commercial is about a data plan beneficial for students). You can watch Bieber greeting students, speaking Japanese, and of course, interacting with Piko-Taro, and sticking imaginary pens into imaginary fruit together.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.