Japan, and McDonald's Japan in particular, are really big on seasonal releases and limited-edition flavors, as evidenced by their chocolate sauce French Fries and Halloween editions that featured pumpkin and purple potato sauces. Now the fast food change is looking to a sweet and savory nostalgic treat to give their French Fries a new shine with the Japanese Style French Fries University Potato Flavor.

If you're wondering what "University Potatoes" (daigaku imo) are, they're essentially candied sweet potatoes, and take their name from being a popular snack with University students looking to save money but get a calorie-dense snack to help them power through the day. While the McDonald's iteration of them won't use actual sweet potatoes, they will come with a syrupy honey and black sesame sauce that can be drizzled on using Japan's ultra-convenient sauce packets, which should recreate the sweet and salty appeal of the classic student favorite.

The "Japanese Style" advertising extends to the packaging as well.

The candied sweet potato fries will be on sale starting February 15, selling for 330 yen in individual packs.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.