Sharing life with a household pet is pure bliss, and there's always the ceaseless excitement of having a forever friend and partner-in-crime. But needless to say, welcoming a new family member into the home comes with its fair share of responsibilities and challenges. The first very challenge, as many people might agree, is naming the pet. It's an important task that will bring pet owners that much closer to their animals, and as easy as it looks, choosing the perfect name often requires a lot of brainstorming.

Every year, Japan takes an open survey of the most popular cat names in the country. This year, 1,671 cats participated for an online survey created by Iris-pet, and this was their result:

Male cat names

8 (tie). Koko

8 (tie). Sora (“Sky”)

8 (tie). Tama (“Ball”)

8 (tie). Hachi

8 (tie). Fuku (“Lucky”)

8 (tie). Momo (“Peach”)

7. Maru (“Circle”)

5 (tie). Kotetsu (“Small Iron”)

5 (tie). Maron (from marron, the French word for “chestnut”)

4. Kotaro

1 (tie). Kuro (“Black”)

1 (tie). Tora (“Tiger”)

1 (tie). Reo (Like Leo, as in “lion”)

Female cat names

8. Sakura (“Cherry Blossom”)

6 (tie). Chibi (“Tiny”)

6 (tie). Momo (“Peach”)

5. Mike (“Tortoiseshell”)

4. Hime (“Princess”)

3. Koko

2. Hana (“Flower”)

1. Nana

Top 8 cat names (male and female)

8. Hime (“Princess”)

7. Mike (“Tortoiseshell”)

4 (tie). Chibi (“Tiny”)

4 (tie). Hana (“Flower”)

4 (tie). Momo (“Peach”)

2 (tie). Kuro (“Black”)

2 (tie). Nana

1. Koko

Last year, the overall most popular cat name was Momo, which fell to 4th place this year. On the other hand, the name Kuro has kept its 2nd place rank since last year. Koko became the new winner for this year, perhaps for the cuteness of the sound and because it conjures Coco Chanel to mind, giving it a fancy, fashionable impression.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.