Some of us can’t even properly get dressed in the morning, but that isn’t stopping anyone on Japanese Twitter from attempting to successfully drop the sleeves onto the arms of an animated boy in what is called the “stop-the-sleeve game.”

Created by Japanese Twitter user @haraechi0119, the rules of the game are simple — click anywhere on the screen as the sleeves fall from above, perfectly timing it so that they fall right into place on the boy’s outstretched arms.

You can try it out below, and see how you fare:

When the sleeves are successfully dropped into place, you’re rewarded with an adorable smile from the animated boy. Although, he isn’t exactly a boy — he’s actually a drawing of Tatsuya Yamaguchi from the popular Japanese boyband TOKIO (which makes fans all the more eager to make him happy).

As this seemingly innocuous game has proven, it’s often the simplest games that are the most addicting, and thousands of people have been clicking furiously away at their screens ever since it was introduced on Twitter. Though straightforward in theory, many have found it to be a lot trickier than expected to successfully execute.

In fact, players have been sharing their failed attempts with the rest of the world:

”Mine came out like a ballerina.”

”Shoulder pads?”

”This one looks like Frankenstein.”

Have you been able to give Tatsuya Yamaguchi back his sleeves yet? Compete with other Twitter users around you and see who can make Yamaguchi smile the fastest!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.