The nature of the feline personality means they will always have interesting relationships with household items, including everything from traditional Japanese sliding doors to lifelike action figures of Jedi Master Yoda. It might be cat buddies Guinness (black) and Pimms (red), who best capture a kitty's curiosity and playfulness when they can't help but chase down their room's window washer!

Guinness and Pimms belong to Rina Takei, a Japanese woman living in London, and it looks like she and her window washers can look forward to cleaning time with a smile. Rina writes that on days the cleaner doesn't come, the cats actually look for him! Without fail the cats jump back and forth with the window washer, who no doubt has an even harder time doing his job with these two cuties following his every move. Here's a few videos of their antics. If you want more be sure to follow Rina on Instagram, YouTube, or her kitty blog.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.