Many around the world jumped for joy when Japan introduced the greatest thing since sliced bread--sliced chocolate to be used for toast and sandwiches--but now the country is summoning the powers of a sweet and nostalgic popular coffee brand to introduce coffee you can spread on toast!

Snow Brand Coffee has a loyal following

Japanese dairy giant Megmilk Snow Brand Company (Yukijirushi) launched its Snow Brand coffee drink 55 years ago, and the sweet cafe au lait carton coffee is still a standout favorite among Snow Brand's lineup of yogurts, cheeses, and even edible coffee drinks. You can almost always find the milky coffee being enjoyed during school lunch breaks, and it's no stranger to the desk of salarymen either. So to celebrate Snow Brand Coffee's 55th anniversary, the popular beverage is now reinventing itself as a butter-like spread for toast, pancakes, and other treats.

"Snow Brand Coffee Soft" (in Japan, creamy spreads and toppings are referred to as "softs" in Japan) is savory coffee spread with milky and creamy flavor. The company claims it retains the original recipe and flavor of the carton coffee drink, which makes it not only an ideal spread to add mellow coffee flavor to your favorite breads and breakfast snacks, but also a pinch of caffeine. The creamy texture also makes it a perfect match for desserts, and perhaps a coffee-twist on the PBJ. Hell, mix it with Nutella and watch the world burn.

While there are a variety of flavored spreads available at markets like Trader Joe's, Snow Brand Coffee has a particularly smooth taste that fans swear by!

It's currently set to be released in supermarkets nationwide on March 1st, selling at 230 yen ($2.02 USD). It currently doesn't appear to be a limited-time product, so those out of the country hoping to get their hands on the smooth and sweet coffee spread may want to keep an eye out for it on Japanese import sites such as Rakuten Global. At the very least it should be a bit more flexible than toast and milk flavored potato chips.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.