Spring is just around the corner, which means Japanese stores will be hit with a rush of spring-themed food and desserts to celebrate the beginning of another beautiful season. One convenience store that isn’t about to get left behind is 7-Eleven, and all throughout the last half of February, 7-Eleven stores will be releasing their new Spring Sweets series to give the upcoming season a fitting welcome.

Hitting 7-Eleven stores nationwide are 6 new desserts that use sakura or strawberries as the main ingredient. Coloring store shelves pink, they’re sure to get customers excited for the soon-to-bloom cherry blossoms that people love to see every year.

Sakura Parfait

This spring parfait is made with sakura mousse, kanten (agar), matcha whipped cream, sakura-flavored white bean paste, and shiratama (a type of mochi). It’s also topped with a cherry and some salt-pickled sakura flowers! On sale from February 28th.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan

Tricolor Spring Parfait

The tricolor spring parfait has 3 layers of matcha sponge, rare cheese mousse, and strawberry mousse. It doesn’t stop there — this dessert is topped with a mini slice of baked cheesecake. On sale from February 28th.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan

Strawberry and Rare Cheese Mochi

These super soft rare cheese mochi will melt in your mouth. The sweet and tart strawberry sauce inside gives it a delicious boost of fruity flavor. On sale from February 21st.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan

Mochi and Sakura “Omelette”

Not your typical savory omelette, this sweet “omelette” is a pink cake filled with red bean paste and sakura-flavored whipped cream. On sale from February 21st.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan

Sakura Mochi

A traditional Japanese dessert, sakura mocha has been around for centuries. The ones at 7-Eleven are topped with small salt-pickled sakura flowers. On sale from February 14th.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan

Fluffy White Fromage

A spring version of a popular 7-Eleven treat, this fluffy white fromage ball is made of soft rare cheese cream cake with lemon cream cheese filling inside. On sale from February 15th.

Source: 7-Eleven Japan

The Spring Sweets can be enjoyed at 7-Eleven convenience stores throughout Japan, but can also be purchased online by anyone who doesn’t live near one of their locations. However, they only offer domestic shipping, making these delicious desserts a uniquely Japanese experience for the tastebuds.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.