As easy as it is to make cup ramen at home, it turns out that it’s almost as easy to make them at home with your favorite ingredients. Showing ramen fanatics how is YouTuber Seonkyoung, who introduces a simple recipe for homemade cup noodles in one of her mouthwatering videos.

The steps are simple. All you need is a pint-sized jar or airtight container and some ingredients of your choice from six categories: flavor base, seasoning, vegetables, noodles, protein, and fragrance. If you follow Seonkyoung’s ideal ratio of the ingredients, you’ll get a perfectly made homemade cup of noodles that you can enjoy during your next lunch break.

1. Flavor Base

Pick a broth like chicken, fish, pork, or vegetables for the base flavor of your ramen. The broth is one of the most important components of delicious ramen!

Source: YouTube

2. Seasoning

Pick a seasoning to add “saltiness.” Seonkyoung recommends ingredients like soy sauce and miso.

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3. Vegetables

Choose your favorite vegetable toppings.

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4. Noodles

Noodles are also imperative to a bowl of ramen, but you can choose from any of your favorites — even pasta!

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5. Protein

Chicken, tofu, eggs, beef...

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6. Fragrance

Last but not least, top your noodles with fresh seasoning that will add fragrance to your ramen.

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Seonkyoung shows recipes for Spicy Miso Ramen, Dashi Shrimp Cup Udon, and another cup ramen using vermicelli noodles, but the ramen can be customized with pretty much any type of ingredient (although depending on the noodle, it won't exactly be considered "ramen"). The jars can be refrigerated for up to about three days, and when time comes for you to devour them, just pour in hot water and wait three minutes. Then, shake the jar to mix the seasoning and eat!

Source: YouTube

Watch the video and make your own version of homemade cup ramen:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.