It's almost sakura season in Japan, but before you go to take pictures of the beautiful pink flowers you might want to brush up on your camera skills.

You may as well enjoy some delicious sushi while you're at it, so why not practice taking pictures inside the restaurant? Just use this new method invented by Japanese Twitter user @regacy_sti, who found out a way to hone his focusing techniques while feasting at a revolving sushi restaurant.

Conveyor-belt sushi restaurants usually don't require the services of waiters since the conveyor belt delivers the sushi right to your seat. The sushi stops right in front of you, and keeps getting delivered whenever you order something on the electronic tablet.

As for @regacy_sti, he practiced isolating the sushi in the center while making the background look blurry and in motion. The end results produce pictures with a lot of speed, which makes the conveyor belt look as though it got boosted to turbo speed.

Keep in mind, however, that you'll probably need to choose between taking a photo or picking up sushi — there's only so much you can do at once. You might have to endure another long wait if you miss your first round of sushi.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.