While we've seen conceptual art of what a Studio Ghibli Theme Park might look like before (and it was even made by a Disney artist and theme park designer), it's only fair that we introduce a Japanese fan's take on what a hypothetical Studio Ghibli Theme Park might look like. Here is a super detailed conceptual design by Japanese illustrator Takumi, which boasts worlds and attractions bound to satisfy any Studio Ghibli fan.

Structurally, the hypothetical dreamworld of Studio Ghibli fans seems to resemble Disneyland, although it comes with the bonus of a Cat Bus monorail to guide you around the park's may adventures. The center of the park features Kingsbury Square of Howl's Moving Castle, and branches off intro attractions modeled off of locations and events in favorites such as Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind.

The hypothetical park even comes equipped with lodging, with standout favorites such as Aburaya Bathhouse (Spirited Away) and the Hotel Adriana (Porco Rosso). There's even an eat-like-a-pig food court where guests can eat and hopefully turn into pigs! Other attractions include a Princess Mononoke zoo, an aviation museum, and a Totoro acorn hunt!

The park includes the flying contraptions and even a roller-coasterfrom Castle in the Sky. Be sure to visit the picture on Facebook to check and see if all your favorites are there!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.