We've seen some adorable antics when a Shiba Inu goes on a stroll before, but none quite as dramatic as the encounter @shibawanko_yume's 8-month-old pupper Yume had recently. The cute little Shiba Inu was looking to make a new friend and was rejected in an adorably heartbreaking way that reads like a comic book.

Meet Yume, a Shiba Inu who loves to play catch!

During one of her recent lovely strolls through the neighborhood, Yume spotted another dog at a nearby house and approached them happily, eager to sniff out a new friend! The Tweet came with the title "Today's tragedy during a walk", and the reality of the situation is way more adorable than it sounds.

"Oh hey, another doggo!"

"Wanna be fri---uhhh..."


Cue the Terminator 2 music.

Poor Yume! Hopefully she can recover from this rejection by taking it as an excited form of affection!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.