March 3rd is “Hinamatsuri,” or Girls’ Day in Japan. It's a special day of celebration that consists of displaying a set of ornamental dolls of the Emperor, Empress, and other members of the court of the Heian Period. In some families these precious dolls are passed down through the generations, making them as valuable as they are splendent.

Although they're supposed to look elegant, this Empress was the victim of an unfortunate attack by one little kitty.

One morning...

The cute culprit was Shiratama who made her mischievous moves on the Empress. She clawed at the unfortunate doll, leaving a devastating scratch mark all the way down her neck without mercy, ultimately breaking it. To say that the Empress was left rattled and disheveled would be an understatement, as the vicious attack left her looking like a ghost straight out of Ju-On.

The cat's owner @TiKuBi_girl said on Twitter, “Shiratama is the princess in the house, so she probably couldn't stand the fact that she had to share her kingdom with another princess...” She added, “Mom is going to be pissed when she gets back home."

By - grape Japan editorial staff.