Mayora is a Japanese word used to describe someone who loves mayonnaise, and as the mere existence of this word might suggest, the Japanese have a large place in their hearts for the creamy condiment. In fact, the fervor for mayonnaise is so strong that March 1st has been declared Mayonnaise Day in Japan, with celebrations taking place in the form of limited-time mayonnaise cafes where anyone can get a delicious fix of their favorite mayo-based foods. Last year’s cafe was a huge success, and featured a giant broccoli adorned with mayonnaise bottles as its centerpiece.

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This year, two new mayonnaise cafes will be opening for a month in Japan, courtesy of Japanese mayonnaise brand Kewpie. The cafes will be located in Shibuya and Nagoya, and while the Shibuya cafe will be open from March 1st to the 31st, the Nagoya location will be running from April 3rd to the 30th.

The cafes will be serving sweet and savory dishes made from Kewpie mayonnaise including Egg and Tuna Mayo Pizza, Mayo Pork Lunch Bowls, Deep Fried Seasonal Vegetables with Mayo Dips, and Creamy Mayo Pudding.

It’s no surprise that Kewpie is behind these glorious mayonnaise cafes, considering they were the first-ever mayonnaise brand to exist in Japan. Launching in the year 1925, the company has since made millions of meals even better with its original flavor that’s different from that of its American counterpart. Smoother and creamier than the ones sold in the United States, Japanese mayonnaise is predominantly made with egg yolks, vegetable oil, and rice vinegar.

Anyone interested in having some mayolicious food can get more information on the cafe’s official website. If the cafe isn’t enough, mayonnaise-lovers can also spend a day at Mayo Terrace, an interactive museum space created by Kewpie. With such mouthwatering cafes and facilities, it turns out that cherry blossoms aren’t the only things that Japan is getting excited for this time of year.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.