There's no knowing when and where we'll be met with a spark of inspiration, but oftentimes our best source of ingenuity turns out to be right under our noses. For Japanese Twitter user Kaori (@lovebirdshowcas), her two parakeets Violet and Keisha have become her fountain of creativity when producing handmade bird-inspired accessories and illustrations. Of the many things that she makes, her most recent focus has been on food art, and her beautifully decorated pancakes, desserts, and savory foods have garnered her thousands of fans on Twitter.

Though Kaori’s culinary masterpieces look more like intricately designed illustrations, every component of her creations are edible. The dishes are painted with a burst of color by use of carefully selected ingredients as well as natural food coloring like matcha powder, cocoa, and various syrups.


Strawberry Cheesecake

Ramen noodle cups filled with naruto and mashed potatoes

Baked Cheesecake

Sushi Cake

Gunkan-Maki Warship Rolls

Fruity Cake

Hot Pot

Sushi Roll

Curry Plate

Kaori’s food art, illustrations, and handmade accessories can be seen on Twitter and on her website. Her adorable creations remind us that at times when we want to feel inspired, maybe all it takes is some quality time with our beloved animals.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.