Any fan of Studio Ghibli will be happy when they arrive in Japan because it will be like stepping into one of its animations. The forests, the streets, the sounds of cicadas, every detail carefully placed in the movies brings viewers close to the original when visiting Japan. But a small town in Shizuoka called Nurumori takes it one step beyond and brings the magical aspect of Ghibli to real life as well.

The Ghibli inspired theme-park which is free to enter brings fans of anime one step closer to being part of the magic. The winding pathways, the angles of the trees, the small houses with rooftops and cobbled streets. Even the signs pointing directions reminds one of the villages in Ghibli movies and you wouldn't be surprised to see Totoro sleeping under a tree if you turned a corner.

Little mushroom shaped houses where people can sit and enjoy a drink or snack are found throughout the village as well as many shops selling trinkets, crafts, jewelry and other souvenirs to take a piece of the magical experience home are available. Chris from OkanoTV also shows in his video a hobbit hut toilet that comes complete with air conditioner and modern push-button bidet toilet, mixing real world and fantasy world experiences much like an amusement park.

The picturesque town definitely is designed to make any fan of Japanese anime and in particular Ghibli films stare in awe at this unforgettable experience. Every detail from the shape of the buildings, lamps and streets to the small details of the telephone pole wires and flowing ponds and creeks give it a look of authenticity.

Also close by in Shizuoka is the Hamamatsu Flower Park which hosts over 100,000 kind of plants in a 30,000 square meter park near Lake Hamana. Similar to the Ghibli village, the flowers and plants here are colorful and planted in magical and picturesque ways. March is probably the best time to travel as the plum blossoms are in bloom and are plentiful in the park.

However, no matter the time of year their is one species of plant or another on display whether it be tulips in April, purple and yellow Japanese irises in June, October Amethyst sage and roses, November’s Chrysanthemum convention and in Christmas the park has amazing illuminations and Christmas trees to celebrate the holiday season.

Besides the botanical garden, visitors can enjoy the water fountains, magic shows, a ferris wheel, children's play area, a tour bus called the "Flower train" as well as cafe restaurants and souvenir shops selling food, snacks, porcelain products and of course flowers and plants.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.