Many times, the key filter in producing amazing photography is the simple touch of Mother Nature's hand, such as the timeless and hazy charm of Japan's rainy season. Now photographers are turning their cameras to the magical night scenery of a beautiful and colorful sea of fog observed from the vantage point of one of Japan's most luscious mountain parks.

Source: @kaz_55oo

Photographed by Kazuki Sato (@kaz_55oo), these pictures of a swirling sea of clouds were taken from Saitama prefecture's Minoyama Park, a national rest spot known for its seasonal flowers such as cherry blossoms, azaleas, hydrangeas, and lilies, which overlooks the Chichibu Basin. The gorgeous and otherworldly scenery is the perfect storm of a dense fog (enough for warnings to be issued) created by perfect weather conditions and the shining lights of a cement factory in the background.

Combined with the factory's growing lights, the creeping fog makes for an absolutely surreal beauty of a nighttime scene, invoking imagery of an alien planet, or at least a reminder of how splendid a shot the simple wonders of nature can provide for.

Source: @kaz_55oo

Sato wasn't the only one to notice, though, with several other lucky photographers catching this amazing episode.

Along with the rich flowers that bloom along the mountainside, this late night scenery is just one of many attractions in Chichibu. If you're ever in the area, see if you can catch a glimpse, or at least take a chilling stroll through the gorgeous icicle cavern!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.