You don't have to walk down many streets or ride many trains in Japan to see that white button-down dress shirts the chosen armor of Japan's salary men and women. Unfortunately for them, whether it is the sweat worked up from grueling work hours or cold weather, accidental sightings of nipple outlines can be pretty common in the Japanese workplace. While you would normally just rectify this by suggesting a better or thicker undershirt, the nip-slip seems to be a common occurrence among Japanese workers. At least common enough for one company to propose a specially crafted shirt to conceal your nipples!

The idea of a solid or more opaque undershirt to guard your nipples doesn't seem like something that would require any special craftsmanship or technology, but the Seiso Shiro ("formal white") T-shirt is the product of two years of development, specially designed to prevent visible nipples and maximize comfort as either an undershirt or casual wear. If you want an idea of the demand for these in Japan, an early release of 200 t-shirts sold out in a 30 minute window just recently. According to Nlab, part of the shirt's appeal is that it doesn't force people to buy colors other than white to prevent visible nipples, and uniform white is not only common, but preferred in most Japanese workplaces.

The shirts, which come in regular and v-neck styles, are made from 100% organic cotton from the United States, India and Uganda, and then meticulously sewn and crafted in Japan--even going so far as to implement Toyota's Sewing System, the automobile company's sewing process that maximizes efficiency. This video shows that off, as well as the shirt maker's actually individually ironing shirts before sending them to distributors.

Orders are set to resume in March, but if you want to use this particular shirt (which admittedly is very specific about measurements, thickness, and quality of cut) to prevent nip-slips, you'll have to spend 9,720 yen ($85.31), so it's not the cheapest nipple guarder around.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.