Japan has quickly become a heaven for cat-lovers who want to wear their feline pride on their sleeve, or over their head in the form of a giant felt cat helmet. Outside of standard kitty goods, retailers are starting to offer more "interactive" products for cat fans, including cat-shaped glasses that feel like a kitty hug, cat-hand lotion that attracts kitties, and even "cat paw flavored" ice cream! Now Japanese online retailer Felissimo, who has a specialty for cat-related goods, is offering a kitten-milk scented lip gloss that simulates kissing a wet cat nose!

The cooling lip gloss mimics the feeling after smooching a kitty on the nose

The official title is a bit long, but tells you everything you need to know about the product. Neko no hana ni kisu shita mitai hinyari ohana lip gloss means "it's just like you kissed a cat on the nose--their nice and cool nose!", and the lip gloss aims to recreate the feeling of planting the kiss on the mysteriously pleasant wet nose of a happy cat.

Specially scented to smell like the milk you give kittens

Whether this relieves or disappoints you is between you and your gods, but the "kitten milk" referenced is milk produced by cats, but the scent of a bowl of milk for kittens to drink from. The actual lip gloss is similar to menthol in that it produces a cooling effect when applied to your lips (a metallic ball also helps out with this), using hyaluronic acid and shea butter as moisturizing ingredients. With a cute little cat drawn on the label, and three cat nose colors to choose from, this might just be the lip gloss of choice for crazy cat people.

Three cat nose colors to choose from

Felissimo sells them as part of their cat club (nekobu) series for 1,300 yen ($11.35 USD). Fortunately, Felissimo has an international order website should you feel the urge to put kitty kat shine on your lips. While they haven't been officially listed on the international order site just yet, keep on the lookout for when they will be added sometime soon. Like all cat club products, a portion of sales for this product will go toward a cat charity, which helps prevent excessive breeding, and promotes family finding and protection during natural disasters for cats.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.