Since its debut in the early 1970’s, karaoke machines have taken the world by storm. In Japan, karaoke primarily serves as a form of leisurely activity, allowing family and friends to wind down after a long day and belt out some tunes while enjoying drinks and snacks. For the more serious participant, karaoke allows singers to work on perfecting their vocals and timing. And for the serious participant looking for positive reinforcement, a new type of karaoke machine was recently unveiled in Japan by Joysound fR - a karaoke machine which rewards the talented singer with images of nude women.

Upon obtaining a high score, participants are shown a NSFW image of an attractive woman with a well-endowed chest. However, if the singer receives a low score, they are “punished” with images of buff men in skin tight briefs. So the next time you head out on a karaoke outing with friends, why not try the Joysound fR karaoke machine and reward and/or punish yourself as you please?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.