The Dragon Ball universe has spanned series and generations, so it shouldn't come as any surprise that its iconic characters would sport a variety of looks and fashion in their countless mounds of merchandise. One of those styles can be seen in the "Dragon Ball Girls" series of figures, which now features an Android 18 with, uh, some heavy synthetic upgrades.

200mm in total height

White T-Shit with black vest

Jeans, maybe a bit too tight for battle.

The ruthless Android 18 is definitely looking a little less threatening than in battle, but Japanese figure makers are no stranger to changing up looks, especially considering this female Edward Scissorhands figure. The "Android 18 Ver.II" rolls out at Hobby shop, volume retailers and most online merchandise shops, although Amazon is probably the easiest way to purchase it. It's officially priced at 9,990 yen, and is available for pre-order on March 30th, although you can book it on Amazon right away.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.