Yachi (@wild_bullet) lives in Nara Prefecture with her beloved wolfdogs and rottweilers, and while most of their days are spent in sweet canine bliss, sometimes the pups can get a little out of hand.

Just over a month ago, Yachi and the rest of her furry family welcomed a litter or wolfdog puppies into the world. Rambunctious as they are adorable, the puppies have a way of showing collective affection that's making every dog-lover in Japan jealous.

Trotting over to Yachi in a "vicious" attack, the baby wolfdogs clamber over their favorite human as she struggles (happily, we're sure) under the weight of all those furballs. It's the kind of fluff heaven that can only be enjoyed while the dogs are still young, and before long they'll be howling and romping around like wolves in the wild.

Head over to Yachi's Twitter for regular updates on these charming little pups!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.