We've seen masters of their craft apply creative efforts to proving that size doesn't always matter, particularly in the form of one-bite-size gourmet sushi, but Japanese master craftsman Tagami Haruhiko has taken things to a whole new level with this tiny mobile home that has everything from storage compartments to a built-in fireplace!

Without actually moving the vehicle attached to the house, one might think they are sitting in an actual Japanese home.

Featured on YouTube channel Living Big in a Tiny House, house owners Rumi and Katrina explain that craftsman Tagami built the home from locally grown cedar that he aged himself. The lightweight and water-proof house is surprisingly durable with a roof you can touch, and even contains its own water supply. Outside of being small enough to be pulled by a vehicle, the house is not unlike many houses in Japan that embody the philosophy behind the Japanese phrase "mottainai" ("don't be wasteful!"), that are very economical in making every ounce of use out of limited space (sometimes out of necessity).

Take a look inside this awesome mobile home!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.