Source: Sakitan

Japanese Love Dolls Are Getting Scarily Realistic

We've taken a look at the complicated love doll industry in Japan before, particularly how they've been used for companionship, and even some controversial claims of them being used as a method of rehabilitation. However you feel about these life-like figures, advances in technology have led to some almost disturbingly realistic love dolls being made over the past few years. One maker, Orient Industry, has some particularly realistic dolls that could almost pass as human.

Orient Industry is a Japanese love doll maker (they are marketed as "Dutch Wives") that offers dolls made of high quality silicone, and options customize every feature of the body, from bust size to hairstyles, and many dolls now even have posable body parts, including movable hands and fingers. A couple of years ago, the company told Mirror that some of their dolls were so realistic they were being mistaken for humans, so you can imagine the advances made since then. The touch of the hyper-realistic dolls are said to even replicate the feel of human flesh.

These are just some of the dolls offered by Orient Industry (obviously NSFW links), but you can see more as documented by Sakitan, a love doll photographer on tumblr and Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.