The wacky adventures of former Major League Baseball slugger Manny Ramirez will continue in Japan, but he definitely won't be hungry during them. Manny can now be Manny in Japan with the benefit of unlimited free sushi, among other perks.

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Ramirez arrived recently for Spring Training with the Japanese independent league Kochi Island Fighting Dogs, and the nature of his deal is certainly unique. Yakyu Database's coverage of a press conference reports some interesting incentives for the slugger.

He has been given use of a Mercedes Benz. Team staff will drive him around.

He is staying in a suite at a hotel. Valued at about 80,000 yen a night.

He has been promised all the sushi he wants to eat while he is with the team.

Kochi is planning to open an English site offering Manny merchandise.

Practices are apparently optional.

It should be noted that the endless sushi supply doesn't appear to be a contractual perk. According to Sanspo, a Kochi official went out for conveyor-belt sushi in the area with Ramirez, and Manny was told by the store owner that any time he came his meal would be on the house. Either way, it seems that his superstar status has secured him all the sushi he can handle--along with a jersey that will simply read "Manny".

By - grape Japan editorial staff.