Mornings can be dreadful, but the right start can leave you feeling bright and inspired for the rest of the day. For a lot of us that includes a delicious cup of coffee, and if anyone knows how to get the most out of the caffeinated concoction, it’s Japanese artist Sawa (@la_fee_de_fleur).

Sharing her stunning visual diary on Instagram, the Fukuoka-based artist creates compositions of coffee and flower wreaths, turning what many of us only consider a tasty energy boost into gorgeous works of art. While she also often uses dry flowers, many of the flora in her photographs are taken from her yard, and she’ll even scavenge for beautiful plants when she’s out on a coffee break with a friend.

Sawa’s photographs aren’t limited to coffee and wreaths, and she shares equally pretty brunch photos as well as various patterns made with fresh plants and flowers. But it's safe to say that whatever original design she comes up with, we'll be left with a spark of creative inspiration just from looking at her coffee and flower art. Visit the artist's Instagram to see more exquisite compositions!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.