When it comes to lifestyle technology, Japan is known to take it one step further than other countries. This can often be seen on a smaller scale with devices like vending machines, which in Japan have digitized purchase windows and money scanners for quick and convenient use (the scanning is possible with IC commuter passes with QR codes embedded inside). However, for Japanese vending machine company Acure, vending machines with "only" these features still don't qualify as truly convenient.

Since the world is now filled with people dipping their heads into the screens of their smartphones, Acure took advantage of that reality to make purchasing from vending machines even easier. All it takes is a few taps through their app, and a drink will be waiting at a nearby machine.

Even more, you can go on LINE messenger to send a barcode for a free drink to give to a dear friend.

The recepient only needs to head to the nearest Acure brand labeled vending machine for pick-up.

Similar interactions happen commonly in game apps, which work to increase social community flow by establishing give-and-take relationships. With Acure vending machines, consumers can also save up points by purchasing through their smartphones.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.