It’s safe to say that the classic Rider-Waite deck is familiar to all readers of tarot cards, but there are myriad other designs of the same deck from which tarot practitioners can choose from. Tarot readers might select their favorite decks by sheer aesthetic beauty, or by artwork that inspires and helps them to complete meaningful readings. There’s a design for everyone — even tarot readers who have an interest in traditional Japanese art.

Depicting the Major and Minor Arcana cards with pictures that look like they could be from a Japanese museum is the deck of ukiyoe tarot cards. This beautiful deck was first released back in 1982, but has been restored and placed back on the market after a long period of being out of production.

Source: Mana

Instead of the Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles suits of classic decks, the Minor Arcana of the ukiyoe tarot cards are divided into the following four suits: Bishop’s Staff, Sake Cup, Katana, and Copper Coins. The backs of the cards also have a Japanese-style design.

Source: Mana

The ukiyoe tarot cards are available online for 2,862 yen (US$25.25), as well as from individual sellers on Amazon Japan. Whether you’re a tarot practitioner seeking a slightly new approach to your readings, or a Japanese art-lover looking for an ornamental piece for the home, this deck of ukiyoe tarot cards could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.