Fast food chain Lotteria has a reputation of taking their burgers to the extreme, most notably with their towering "with everything burger", but now the adventurous burger chain is turning its attention to cheese. Lotteria has recently started offering the Nobiru ("to stretch" in Japanese) Mozzarella Cheese Burger and the Mozzarella Cheese & Beef Burger. The Mozzarella Cheese Burger is simply a patty of super stretchy mozzarella cheese along with a hashbrown, while the Mozzarella Cheese & Beef Burger adds a burger patty as well. Both variations, however, are getting attention for their incredibly stretchy cheese that comes with a measuring bib to see just how far the cheese can stretch.

While they've already been on sale in South Korea for a while, Japanese customers are having fun showing off how far they can stretch their cheese in one bite. Entabe has some particularly gooey looking food report photos, but here are some social media users showing off the cheese-stretch, which can extend beyond the bib's limit of 45 centimeters!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.