Anyone who's walked into a bookstore in Japan has most likely come across thick Weekly Shōnen Jump magazines, known in Japan as the best-selling and longest-running manga anthology in the country. In circulation since 1968, Shōnen Jump has brought many of the most popular manga series into the hands of thousands of readers, with international adaptations also released in languages including English, Chinese, Thai, and Swedish.

Like other magazines, the weekly cover art is often seen as the centerpiece of Shōnen Jump, and fans look forward to seeing whether or not their favorite characters have made it to the front page of the manga bible. But while perfectly designed covers have obviously been enjoyed by readers throughout the decades, the actual process of creating them have remained a mystery — at least, until now.

Source: YouTube

Revealed in a video posted by the Official One Piece Staff YouTube channel is a time lapse of the step-by-step process of designing the Shōnen Jump cover. The creative task was taken on by the artists at Banana Grove Studio, who are in charge of the manga magazine's cover art, and includes the selection of fonts, color, and word placement to match the week's artwork.

Watch the full time lapse below:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.