The end of March marks the beginning of Japan's gorgeous cherry blossom season, and one of the best ways it is enjoyed is with seasonal drinks and desserts flavored elegantly with sakura flowers. So far this year we've seen limited time menu items from Starbucks, Tully's Coffee, 7-Eleven, along with sakura raindrop jellies from a Japanese confectionery store, but stroll the streets of Tokyo and you're bound to find other local restaurants and cafes celebrating the cherry blossoms in similar ways.

Glouglou Reefer Cafe, located in the posh area of Daikanyama, will also be greeting the pink blossoms with a seasonal menu guaranteed to make your tastebuds quiver in delight. Starting March 24th the cafe will be introducing the Sakura Sweets Plate and Sakura Shake, two delicious items perfectly fitting for this time of year.

Sakura Sweets Plate

This beautiful dessert plate is arranged with a sakura and strawberry roll cake and citrus jelly accented with a refreshing hint of mint.

Sakura Shake

A blend of vanilla and sakura, this creamy drink also contains white chocolate and sweet white bean paste.

Glouglou Reefer Cafe can be found on the second floor of Maison De Reefer, an apparel store directed by popular Japanese model Rinka. The area is just as elegant as the sakura-themed menu of this cafe, and visitors will be in for quite a treat during their celebrations of the cherry blossom season.

Glouglou Reefer Daikanyama Flagship Store

Address: 24-7 Sarugakucho Shibuya, Tokyo, Daikanyama Plaza 2F
Hours: 11AM〜9PM

By - grape Japan editorial staff.