If you've ever spent time perusing the adults only room of Japanese megastore Don Quijote, or simply wandered into some of the more racy goods stores in Akihabara, chances are you have seen TENGA, perhaps Japan's biggest brand of masturbatory aides. With a lineup that sports stretchable eggs, menthol goods, and aerostimulation-based models, it's understandable that something might catch your eye.

TENGA has a bit of a sense of humor, however, and has stepped outside the world of masturbation toys before, releasing a "throat cup" for your arm that doubles as a pillow, and most recently put out a sexual energy sports jelly drink to fuel you for your fun. Now the company is releasing TENGA Night Charge, an energy drink that is supposed to steel your body for a night of drinking and more.

The energy drink, which is said to have a spicy and fruity taste, contains liver extract, maca root, and turmeric--ingredients commonly found in Japanese anti-hangover drinks, but also with beneficial ties to fertility and sexual stamina. It's available on Amazon, but only in bulk, while individual cans will sell in Japan at 300 yen. TENGA says they made this product to make men of the world more vigorous and support their sex life, which is probably a nice counter to sitting at home with other TENGA goods.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.