YouTuber ALERT! Meet Kizuna Ai, an A.I. YouTuber. You can call her Ai, or Ai-chan, or even waifu if you're a hardcore anime-lover.

Ai might not be as popular as the king of YouTube Pewdiepie yet, but she's already gained a lot of attention in just 3 short months by delivering quality content on her A.I. Channel. Ai's main interest is gaming, but she also mixes things up with daily vlogs. Still new to the world of YouTube, her content isn't always consistent and she sometimes throws in some educational videos like one that teaches Japanese business manners.

But she's been trying harder to compete with her fellow YouTubers, and has even learned how to livestream content. She decided to try it out with a horror adventure game titled "Inside," and while you can learn a few problem-solving techniques from her, you can also watch her cute reaction as she plays it. So far the video has gotten over 450,000 views, and we're pretty sure it's not just because she's an excellent gamer.

Ai is spirited, cheerful, and highly respects her "senpai" Siri. That’s right — the master of AI technology Siri. You can listen in on one of their conversations in the video below [English subtitles available]:

Anyhow, if you want a slight change from watching human YouTubers, feel free to check out the A.I. Channel.

Watch Ai's reaction to "Inside":

By - grape Japan editorial staff.