The popular adventurous and seasonal flavors of Japanese Kit Kats have been trending toward more traditional Japanese food and drink lately, with sake and sushi Kit Kat flavors, and now Nestle Japan is doubling down on the beloved Green Tea Kit Kat flavor with a Deep Green Tea Flavor that contains double the uji-matcha used in previous versions. They're even promoting its health benefits.

The green tea used in these new boldly flavored deep matcha (Koi Matcha) Kit Kats is premium matcha (finely powdered green tea) from Kyoto's famous green-tea producing Uji region. These Kit Kats should pack a much heavier matcha punch than previous green tea flavors, particularly the "Adult Sweetness" Green Tea Kit Kats that have become available and popular overseas, so that Nestle Japan can offer the depth of a rich and bitter cup of matcha as an alternative to normally sweetened flavors.

And while munching on a bunch of chocolate probably isn't the healthiest of ideas, Nestle Japan is saying that doubling the matcha content offers the health benefit of an easier way to take in green tea catechins, L-theanine, and polyphenols.

The Kit Kats that double the matcha will go on sale March 27th at Japanese supermarkets and convenience stores in packages of 11 (500 yen/$4.48 USD) and 3 (150 yen/$1.34 USD). With how quickly "Adult Sweetness" Green Tea Kit Kats became available overseas and on international ordering sites, we imagine clamor for a stronger brew of Kit Kat will make these not too difficult to get your hands on.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.