Life isn't always a walk in the park, but this 4-month-old Scottish Fold is already getting the hang of cruising his way through it. Even when faced with obstacles he can't easily overcome, this clever kitty knows to let the difficulties in life roll off his back and not stress too much over them.

Japanese Twitter user @bl0P5v2EKSwW8BJ caught the kitten putting this positive attitude into action one day when the furball had clambered onto a table. Cowering over the ledge, he realized he was higher off the ground than expected, and that he wasn't able to muster up the courage to make the jump. In times like these, other cats might try to find a less intimidating way out of the situation or cry out for help. Instead, this Scottish Fold decided it was time for a calming nap.

Though @bl0P5v2EKSwW8BJ hasn't shared the aftermath of this adorable situation, we're confident that after a much-needed sleep, this kitty woke up brave enough to get through this life obstacle. It just goes to show that whenever we feel like we're trapped in a scary, stressful situation, sometimes the best thing to do is temporarily remove ourselves from it with a meditative nap.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.