10 lucky people just snagged a rare fashion item that's sure to make them stand out from among blooming cherry blossom trees. Coveted by hanami revelers planning picnics under a rain of sakura petals, hats that look like sakura mochi were recently sold in very limited supply to make the springtime festivities even more memorable. In fact, only 10 made it into the hands of eager shoppers, leaving the rest of us to remain satisfied with simply eating sakura mochi, not wearing it.

These whimsical sakura mochi berets are handmade with soft pink felt and were available online on Village/Vanguard for 5,940 yen (US$53.35). As recreations of the traditional Japanese dessert into playful additions to ordinary outfits, the hats have green felt sakura leaves perched on top.

Unfortunately, the sakura mochi hats have already sold out, and it is unlikely that they'll be made again anytime soon. But, fashion forward foodies can still represent their favorite veggies and fruits with other handmade felt hats. So far, there are berets of eggplants, tomatoes, shiso, shiitake mushrooms, and apples. They're each available for 4,860 yen (US$43.65), also on Village/Vanguard's online shop. Hopefully they'll continue making deliciously fashionable items like these, and one day we'll all be able to wear our favorite foods on our heads.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.