As we often admire the beauty of more traditional landscapes and scenery of Japan in places such as Kyoto, it's easy to forget just how stunning the sleepless metropolis of Tokyo can look, particularly if you stroll down its labyrinth of alleyways at twilight hours. Japanese CG artist and photographer Yutaka Kagaya (KAGAYA), however, is providing us with a stunning look at just how gorgeous the city can be when seen from above, particularly with this breathtaking shot that shows off just how wonderful the glowing city looks under a full moon and the Tokyo Sky Tree.

KAGAYA tends to focus on "planetary imagery", exploring humankind as part of the universe, and even capturing the Antarctic as another planet. So it fits that this enchanting photograph has an otherworldly feel to it, giving us a sense of scale of just how massive, intricate, and shining all the moving parts that make up Tokyo can be when we pull ourselves back from it. The towering Tokyo Sky Tree and full moon sharing a look over the winding city below them reminds us to take it all in every once in a while.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.