As Sailor Moon approaches its 25-year anniversary since its first appearance as a shōjo manga series, Japan and other parts of the world have been celebrating the milestone with everything from special movie screenings to makeup products. Longtime fans are reliving their childhood dreams of becoming one of the Sailor Scouts themselves, battling it out with enemies alongside their favorite senshi and saving the world.

But professional makeup artist Regina, also known as @Picturresque on Instagram, has taken her dream and turned it into reality. Using the power of her own artistic ability, she transformed herself into every single Sailor Scout that makes an appearance in the popular series. This glorious project was Regina's own way of commemorating the series' anniversary, and Sailor Scouts-at-heart all over the world can't seem to get enough.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Venus

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Pluto

Sailor Saturn

Black Lady

Sailor Sun

She even created looks as the Sailor Scouts in their non-senshi, ordinary garb.

Apparently not a huge fan of Chibiusa, Regina instead recreated the look of Black Lady, Chibiusa's evil form after being transformed by Wiseman. Her inclusion of Sailor Sun, known among fans as an OC character in Sailor Moon fanfiction, is also noteworthy and makes us love her amazing looks even more.

See more makeup magic by Regina on Instagram!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.