Anyone who has ever fed a hedgehog will know that they can get adorably feisty when a mealworm is held right under their nose. This is especially true for 8-month-old Ciel, who's love for food is strong even while she's quietly napping on her bright pink pillow. So when Japanese Twitter @sutera_hedgehog decided it was time for a snack during one of her cozy siestas, it was her hunger that won over her desire to sleep. Little did anyone expect, however, that she would be this excited for a tasty worm to munch on.

Everyone's a little clumsy right after waking up, but Ciel proved to be endearingly so. Stretching her arms out (either in joy at seeing her favorite food or to balance herself) she tries to clamp onto the treat in front of her, only to roll off her fluffy cushion without even getting a bite. This took @sutera_hedgehog by surprise too, and since the adorable incident, she's been careful to make sure Ciel is well-supported when getting her snacks. But frankly, Ciel's tumble is totally relatable, because who isn't like this seconds before devouring a delicious meal?

By - grape Japan editorial staff.