There are furry cats, and then there's Gugu, a 3-year-old Himalayan cat who lives with Japanese Twitter user @gu_gu_memo in Kanagawa Prefecture. His scrunched up "onigiri" face, as @gu_gu_memo calls it, and beautifully groomed hair make it hard to believe that he was once rescued off the streets, hair matted, tangled, and resembling little of the insane fluffiness it shows now.

Even living life alongside Gugu, @gu_gu_memo still finds herself in astonishment at the ridiculously soft fur of her feline companion. Just recently she shared some pictures on Twitter of her cat with the caption "Something fluffy," and netizens are "pretty sure" they show Gugu and not just a giant ball of beige-colored fluff.

But Gugu pretty much always looks like an adorable little furball.

See more pictures of the unbelievably fluffy Gugu on Twitter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.