The color of our food is more important than we might realize, and certain colors make us lose our appetite rather than stimulate it. But Japanese Instagrammer @kyooochang either has little regard for how mouthwatering her dishes look, or she has a heck of a lot of confidence when it comes to her homemade takoyaki.

Though not her first time experimenting with food coloring and takoyaki, @kyooochang recently made another batch of vividly pigmented octopus balls that came out in an incredible royal blue hue. Even bluer than her previous attempt, they came out slightly more resemblant of our planet Earth.

Takoyaki isn't the only food she's tried dyeing blue, and her Instagram shows pictures of her attempts at making dishes like blue inari, blue imoni (taro and meat soup), and blue sweet potato salad.

Blue takoyaki may not be the most appetizing version of the popular Japanese snack, but variations like these aren't uncommon. And since the flavor itself won't change with a drop of food coloring, adventurous foodies can spruce up ordinary takoyaki in whatever color they desire and still have a plate of delicious octopus balls.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.