If you've already been chilling in your snoring Snorlax slippers with your head rested on your supersized Snorlax pillow, there's only one more thing you need to turn your room into a ridiculously cushy Snorlax heaven — Snorlax bean bag chairs!

There's no such thing as having too many Snorlaxes, and you can snooze and relax the day away snuggled up against however many of these lovable Pokémon fits in your space. He'll never judge you for bumming around the house in your pjs, and you'll never find a lazy companion as loyally sluggish as him. As a bean bag chair, this 4-foot Snorlax will make sure you always have someone to lean on, and who wouldn't want to spend hours sitting on his big soft belly?

Source: ThinkGeek

Source: ThinkGeek

Source: ThinkGeek

People who've purchased the Snorlax bean bag chairs are madly in love.

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... dogs, too.

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Unfortunately, it looks like these super cushy Snorlax bean bag chairs are currently sold out online. Still, you can enter your email and cross your fingers that the store will restock soon!

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