Red and gooey, it's no wonder ketchup heads of monsters like Count Dracula exist just for the sake of making squeezing a bottle of ketchup entertaining. Japanese Twitter user @UEDAHIROSHI915 took this one step further, however, and came up with the idea of creating a realistic (and pretty terrifying) ketchup head out of a capsule toy of Godzilla from the most recent Godzilla Resurgence movie.

After cutting off the toy's head and making a few minor adjustments, @UEDAHIROSHI915 soon had a bottle/Godzilla hybrid that oozed ketchup from its neck. The result was rather gory, and even the mastermind himself was a tad taken aback by his own creation.

But with a little bit of practice, he was soon able to spell out "arigato" on an omelet instead of just dripping the ketchup all over his food. With that said, even that didn't help change the fact that Godzilla's expression was still the stuff of nightmares.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.