Whether it's a burping No-Face piggy bank that plays music from Spirited Away, or a charming lineup of Studio Ghibli-inspired tea, Donguri Kyowakoku seems to be the place to go if you want to pick up some Studio Ghibli memorabilia in Japan. Now Benelic is adding to their collection with a series of wind-up My Neighbor Totoro toys that are sure to fill fans' homes with the lazy joy of the forest spirit!

One cute entry in this wind-up toy lineup is a toy that features a big and small Totoro wearing leafy hats popping up and down out of an acorn in a cute game of peekaboo.

Or Totoro reenacting his famous scene in the rain with a bobbing umbrella dance!

And while Mei seems to get on people's nerves a lot, her wind-up toy comes with a mini-Totoro hiding under her hat, which rises up and down.

The whole lineup will be available at Donguri Kyowakoku stores in May, although if you are overseas you will want to keep on the look out for an eventual release from import sites like Japan Trend Shop or Rakuten's global site. (stocked with other Studio Ghibli goods!)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.