Cats certainly sit atop the Iron Throne of Japanese Instagram accounts--just look at Haru, the Scottish Fold with impossibly big eyes. And while we've seen cats cosplay as Totoro and Cat Bus, it's a rare opportunity where we get to combine our love for felines and an insight into Japanese culture in one shot. That's where three-year-old Maro--a cat who cosplays daily, often in ways that showcase traditional aspects of Japanese culture--steps in.

The Tabby's Instagram account (@rinne172) features regularly updated posts of Maro (and sometimes his friends) in a variety of costumes. While some are just modern and silly, a good many of them include props, food, and costumes that can provide some basic insight into Japanese culture and traditions. Here are a few standout posts.

Be sure to check out Maro on Instagram for more updates on a cute cat and Japanese culture.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.